State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier was the guest speaker at last weeks luncheon. Ms. Farley-Bouvier entitled her remarks "What the h**l does a state representative do?" The Representative is one of 160 across the Commonwealth, her current district is 13 of 14 Pittsfield precincts, the coming redistricting map will update her territory to include all of Pittsfield. While Farley-Bouvier is on the Consumer Protection and Cyber Security House Committees, child welfare and foster care are her core issues. She is working to aid the overburdened agencies, especially DCF.  Her latest pending bill, the family mobility act would allow all persons in the Commonwealth regardless of immigration status to obtain a drivers license. Other highlights: House meetings remain via Zoom at least through the end of the month. The House has been inundated with requests for covid-19 assistance. Unemployment benefits have been difficult to administer, the unemployment office grew from 50 to over 1,000 employees to manage the crisis. Finally, Representative Farley-Bouvier reminded us that her most important job is to be accessible to all citizens. Several members expressed frustration with changing rules and hard to find answers regarding all things covid. The good Rep agreed the times have been very challenging.