Club President, John McLaughlin, and Past President’s John Perreault, Jeff Hassett, Joan DiMartino and Kelly Marion, presented Mayor Linda Tyer with a final check of $155,000 on Monday, July 15th as the final payment for the Splash Pad Centennial Project.  The initial payment of $25,000 was made earlier in the process to help support the design and infrastructure of the Slash Pad. Also, present, were Michelle Matthews, Pellerin Group, Parks Commissioner, Cliff Nilan and Parks & Open Space Manager, Jim McGrath.
Rotary Club of Pittsfield
Splash Pad Centennial Project
The Pittsfield Rotary Club and the City of Pittsfield have enjoyed a long and very successful partnership, starting with the Rotary Park Project where the Club and City teamed up to create a Boundless Playground™ at Springside Park in 2004/2005.  That endeavor was very successful, resulting in Springside Park being one of the most widely used parks in the City of Pittsfield. 
According to Club President, John McLaughlin, “the Rotary appreciates the opportunity to leverage our resources with state grant funding and the Pellerin Group for needed improvements at Clapp Park as part of the Pittsfield Club’s 100-year anniversary project.”
Clapp Park is a wonderful park used by many and the proposed redesign and addition of a splash pad will benefit many residents.  It will also give families a safe place for their children to cool off in the summer.  The sprawling park with a proud history has long been a central location for park and recreation activities in the city.  The construction of the Splash Pad, along with the current playground being made more universally accessible with the addition of new components specific for children with disabilities is part of the City of Pittsfield, Clapp Park Improvement Plan.
The Pittsfield Rotary Foundation was established in 1986 with a mission to create an endowment to support capital and special projects which have a long-term community impact.
The majority of the construction will be done in late August of this year.