Plan Ahead: Next weeks meeting will focus on planning for the Club's future. The strategic planning session will include a SWOT analysis and general discussion around the opportunities and pitfalls ahead.
Injury Update: Sparks has learned the gavel suffered a hairline fracture, as confirmed by an MRI. The gavel was retroactively placed on the 10 day PUP list, fortunately, the trusty gavel is back at practice and capable of playing at 100% this week. The gavel was not present on the final injury report, the Ship's Bell is listed as questionable however.
Getting Zoomy: Many thanks to VP Alex Reczkowski for providing the tech and running the camera as our meetings are now live available via Zoom.
All Their Finery: Chaos ensued as Sgts. O'Brien and Hall took center stage and began assessing weekly fines. The very freedom of the press itself was attacked almost immediately as this reporter was fined for writing style. As things continued to degrade, our special guest the honorable Representative Farley-Bouvier proposed a fine for Mr. O'B. We knew the end was nigh as the fine-makers turned on themselves and relentlessly fined one another! Cooler heads will prevail this week we are told. Well done Lads!
Patriotic Rotarians: For years, this reporter has utilized a parking lot near Gillette Stadium operated by the Foxboro Rotary. While attending the Patriots home opener, Sparks had occasion to talk with Mary and Jim from the Foxboro Club about their experience. They raise close to $4,000 each game, after a 50/50 split with the landowner they raise over $20,000 per year. Parking lot funds constitute nearly all of the annual dollars raised by the Foxboro Rotary.