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The Rotary Club of Pittsfield may have different membership requirements than other Rotary Clubs as a result of our long standing history.

General Qualifications:

Our Club is composed of adult persons of good character and good business or professional reputation.

To become a member of our Club a person must be one of the following:

1. Engaged as proprietor, partner, corporate officer or manager of any worthy, recognized business or profession;
2. Hold an important position in an executive capacity with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession;
3. Act as the local agent or branch representative of any worthy and recognized business or profession having charge of such agency or branch in an executive capacity.

In addition, the person must be personally and actively engaged in the business or profession in which he or she is to be classified in the Club and having his or her place of business OR residence located within the territorial limits of this Club (primarily Pittsfield or Richmond). (If you live or work in another city or town, you may qualify for the Rotary Club in that area.)

There also shall not be more than one active member in each classification of business or profession except in relgion, news media and diplomatic classifications, and except as determined by any active member already in that classfication.

Even if the above criteria is met, no person can simply join our Club as there is a sponsorship requirement by an existing Club member and a membership admittance process.

If admitted, additional attendance, dues, and/or volunteerism requirements must be met to remain in good standing within our Club.