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Apr 07, 2016
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 21, 2016
May 12, 2016
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Upcoming Events
Paul Harris Dinner
May 07, 2016
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Second Posting
Joanne Riley       (Bud Riley's Daughter)
Business:           The Interior Edge
Classification:     Services - Interior Design
Sponsor:            David Hall
Gift of Rotary Auction

Preliminary results are back from the auction with $11,000 in donations $1000 raised from te games, $4800 from, ads gross profit is around $65,000 Thanks go out to all that helped the night of the auction as well as those who solicited all the great items

Read Across America
Read Across America will be celebrated by the public elementary schools in Pittsfield on Wednesday, March 2. Rotarians read to 3rd graders as a means of strengthening the relationship created when we gave them their dictionaries in December. Readers should select a book that is age (3rd grade) appropriate that will take about 20 minutes to present to the children. If you need help selecting your book, stop in to the Children’s Library at the Berkshire Athenaeum. Schools will be reading according to the following schedule:
  • Allendale School - 9:15 a.m - Randy Kinnas, Ron Latham, Warren Dews
  • Capeless School - 9:00 a.m - Phil Massery
  • Conte Community School - 9:15 a.m - Vin Marinaro, Kelly Marion, Jay Marion
  • Crosby School - 9:30 a.m. - Joel Scussel, Sally Umalof, Dick Laureyns, Ralph Cianflone, Greg Knight
  • Egremont School - 9:00 a.m - Tom Sherman, Brooks Sherman, Chris Jacoby, Bart Raser
  • Morningside  School - 9:00 a.m - Gwen Davis, Gail Molari, John McLaughlin
  • Stearns School - 9:00 a.m. - Jeff Hasset, John Perreault
  • Williams School - 9:30 a.m. - Carol Leibinger-Healy, Matt Scarafoni, Tom Hamel
Dictrict Conference Plans
From DG Kyong Wilson we learn that the District Conference is planned for April 29 to May 1st at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa in Hyannis, MA.  This year's theme is Hawaii 7890. The conference opens on Friday evening at 6 pm with a cocktail hour followed by a delicious Luau dinner. On Saturday the general session at will begin at 9:00 am with registration and breakfast starting at 7:30 am, followed by exciting breakouts.  Youth exchange students and the South African VTT teams will also  be presenting. Click the following link to register for this event.
Paul Harris Dinner Plans
The Paul Harris Dinner will be held on May 7 at Cranwell. In order to put on a high quality event, the Committee is soliciting sponsors at $250 each. To date the following members or businesses have stepped forward to sponsor the Paul Harris Dinner: Robert Harrison Associates, Pierce Machine, Cianflone Law, Scarafoni Financial, Pittsfield Pipers, Oliver Autobody, Carr Hardware, Dery Funeral Homes, CompuWorks, and Crescent Creamery.  If you would like to join the sponsors of this important annual celebration, please contact Jeff Whitehouse.
February Venue
New month, change of venue to Mazzeo's for the month of February.
Introduction Duties
03/17  Gail Molari
03/24  John O'Brien
03/31  Ed O'Brien
04/07 Ben Parhizgar
04/14 John Perreault
04/21 Robert Proskin
If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Invocation Duties
03/17  Warren Dews
03/24  Joan DiMartino
03/31  Chris Farrell
04/07 Ed Forfa
04/14 Dave Hall
04/21 Donna Halton
Please remember to use a non-denominational prayer - be respectful of others' beliefs. If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

This week we celebrate the birthday of Jayson Tanzman on March 13th and the Anniversaries of Mike Hinkley March 17th (5 Years)and Craig Fischer March 14th (42 Years).