Feb 02, 2017
Feb 09, 2017
RI Polio Plus Fund Drive
Feb 23, 2017
A discussion about the changes going on at Interprint
Mar 02, 2017
SafePet Program at Berkshire Humane Society
Mar 09, 2017
Community Mediation Services
Mar 23, 2017
Butler Award
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Russell Hampton
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KIVA Program Update
Last Thursday Dave Hall presented us with an update on the KIVA Program. The KIVA program allows individuals and organizations in developed countries to extend microfinance business loans to people in developing countries. The loans provide the borrowers with financing at rates that would otherwise be unattainable in their circumstances, and the default rate on the loans is incredibly low at 1-2% on average. While this form of financing has existed for some time, the advent of the Internet has allowed it to expand and become a much wider phenomenon; KIVA's use of a crowdfunding structure further underscores the global nature of their work. When a lender logs into the KIVA website, they are allowed to view their current balances outstanding, as well as the total amount that they have loaned and the individuals that they have made loans to in the past. One unique feature of KIVA is that lenders can choose among many borrowers, and direct their loans toward the regions or causes of their choosing. Dave led the Club through the steps of choosing a borrower and making a loan, and two new loan recipients were selected: Roth, a man in Cambodia borrowing money to build a latrine, and Sita, a woman in Nepal who uses the loans to stock her store. The funds they received, $25 each, may not seem like much to us, but provide these and other borrowers a path out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency.
November Venue
For the Month of November we are meeting at the Crowne Plaza
Book House Duties
The date listed is the Thursday of the week assigned.  We ask that sometime during the week assigned, from the prior Sunday to the following Saturday, that the assigned Rotarian visit the Rotary book house (at the Boundless Playground), to clean out any trash, neaten the inventory, and determine whether additional books are needed.
Chris Farrell 1/26
Ed Forfa 2/2
Dave Hall 2/9
Donna Halton 2/16
Tom Hamel 2/23
If you will be unable to fulfill this commitment, please notify Book House overseer Dave Hall ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Introduction Duties
Jay Marion 1/26
Kelly Marion 2/2
Luke Marion 2/9
Phil Massery 2/16
Mark McKenna 2/23
If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Invocation Duties
Jay Bailly 1/26
Mark Busch 2/2
David Cianflone 2/9
Ralph Cianflone 2/16
Adrienne Deblieux-Speed 2/23
Please remember to use a non-denominational prayer - be respectful of others' beliefs. If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Birthdays -
None this week.
Anniversaries -
Ed Forfa (17 years) - January 27, 2000
Mark McKenna (18 years) - January 28, 1999
David Cianflone (31 years) - January 30, 1986