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Shakespeare in the Park
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Jul 21, 2016
Russell Hampton
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Energized by The Faribank Group
Last week Tyler Fairbanks, the CEO of The Fairbank Group, the entity that manages Jiminy Peak Mountain Resourt, Cranmore Mountain Resourt, Ski Bromley, EOS Ventures, Bullwheel Productions, and various other endeavors. Jiminy Peak, Cranmore and Bromley are ski destinations that have a long standing heritage in New England, and that see more than a half million visitors each year.  Except this year, which Fairbanks allowed was the worst year in their history.  Were they not in a position to generate their own electricity, the year would have been disastrous.  Fairbanks provided us an interesting look at why embracing renewable energy has made suck good business sense.
Book House Duties
The following schedule of Club members has been created to rotate caretaking responsibilities among the membership. The date listed is the Thursday of the week assigned.  We ask that sometime during the week assigned, from the prior Sunday to the following Saturday, that the assigned Rotarian visit the Rotary book house (at the Boundless Playground), to clean out any trash, neaten the inventory, and determine whether additional books need to be acquired.  The first six weeks are assigned as follows:
05/26  Carol Leibinger-Healey
06/02  Gail Molari
06/09  Jay Marion
06/16  Kelly Marion
06/23  Luke Marion
06/30  Phil Massery
If you will be unable to fulfill this commitment, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Feed the Sheep 4/25
The Club will next "Feed the Sheep" on Monday, April 25.  A smaller crew will suffice this time because we are collaborating with staff from Berkshire Fairfield.  If you'd like to help out, please contact Gail Molari.
April Venue
It's April.  We're at Mazzeo's.
Don't be Left Out of Paul Harris Dinner
Jeff Whitehouse reported last week that projected attendance at the Paul Harris Dinner on May 7 (at Cranwell) is up to 90. If you have not yet responded, what are you waiting for?  If you have commited to underwriting the event, please get yor check to Jeff Hassett. 
Dr. David B. Kagan Awards Nomination Forms
Each year Rotary Club of Pittsfield recognizes two individuals in the community - a man and a woman - who have made significant contributions to their community through volunteer activities that have created lasting change in the lives of individuals and families in the community, activities that have made our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.  The nominees are not necessarily high profile individuals, but persons who have provided service above self to others.  If you have a person you would like to nominate, contact Kagan Award Committee co-chairs Ed Forfa or Kelly Marion before the May 6 submission deadline.
District Training Assembly
Rotary District 7890 is holding their annual District Training Assembly in Enfield, CT [Registration & Breakfast: 7:15am – 8:15am Program: 8:15am to Noon] on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, targeting Club leaders, board members or new members. Located at the Holiday Inn (1 Bright Meadow Blvd, Enfield, CT), the Assembly includes breakout session for the 60 Presidents-elect, Secretaries-elect, and the Treasurers-elect. There are also breakout sessions for all members on topics including the Foundation, membership, social media, and others. There will be a session called The Rotary 101 / Rotary Basics and it will be perfect for new members, but also for anyone who would like to learn more about Rotary. Details and registration can be found at by clicking on “District 7890 Training Assembly 2016” under the “Upcoming Events” section on the right hand side of the website. Registration deadline is Wednesday, May 4th.
Golf Tournament This Week!
The 2016 Rotary Golf Tournament is this week! We're at the Country Club of Pittsfield on Wednesday, May 25, again raising funds for local food pantries. Contact Greg Knight to sign up as a player, sponsor or volunteer. 
Foundation Cash Calendar
According to Joan DiMartino, the Rotary Club of Pittsfield Foundation will be offering a cash calendar for the month of August at $5 per calendar. The minimum prize will be $25.  The Foundation stands to profit $5,000 if we sell 1,000 calendars.
100th Anniversay Project
Rotary Club of Pittsfield was chartered on March 30, 1920.  Our 100th anniversary is fast approaching, and the Club needs to decide just how we will commemorate this important milestone. The Club has been challenged by incoming president Joan DiMartino to come up with suggestions for a big project - like the Boundless Playground - that will have a significant and lasting impact on the local community.  Start thinking, because if it's really big, it will take a few years to execute.
Vocational Technical Training Group Hosts Needed
Gail Molari is still recruiting hosts for the Vocational Technical Training Group coming to Pittsfield from May 1 through May 8.  The group will be comprised of five pre-school teachers from Union Of South Africa. Hosts are responsible for room and board and any incidentals that occur from the visit, excluding personal necessities/items. Contact Gail if you have questions about hosting. 
Introduction Duties
05/26 Joel Scussel
06/02 Brooks Sherman
06/09 Tom Sherman
06/16 Christine Singer
06/23 Sally Unlauf
06/30 Charlie Wetherell
If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Invocation Duties
05/26 Mike Hinkley
06/02 John Hudnall
06/09 Chris Jacoby
06/16 Randy Johnson
06/23 Randy Kinnas
06/30 Greg Knight
Please remember to use a non-denominational prayer - be respectful of others' beliefs. If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

This week there are no birthdays to celebrate, however there are three Club anniversaries of note: Ken Sewell (32 Years a/o 5/24/84), Gail Molari (18 years a/o 5/28/98) and Rob Proskin (29 years a/o 5/28/87). At last week's meeting there was a minor brouhaha created by Scratch and Sniff because new member Lucas Marion's birthday (5/17) did not get mentioned in Sparks.  Out of his heartfelt concern for the well-being of this new member, the editor both regrets and apologizes to Mr. Lucas for the oversight.