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Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Jay Bailly Presented the 2016 Butler Award
The Donald Butler Award is presented each year to a Rotarian who the president feels has exemplified the Rotarian motto of Service Above Self.  Jeff Whitehouse gave a moving remembrance of his uncle Don for whom the award is named and we were graced with the presence of Don's wife Doreen. President Kelly presented this year's award to Jay Bailly. Kelly noted Jay's quiet but steadfast dedication as he has served two terms on the Club's Board of Directors and also on the Foundation Board.  Jay is co-chair of the Annual Food Drive and for the past 8 years has been essential in our efforts to alleviate hunger in our county. Jay also has 10 years of perfect attendance. This year, Rotary International's theme, is "be a gift to the world" and Jay Bailly, our 2015-2016 Donald G. Butler Award recipient has been a gift to our Club.
Jay Bailly and Doreen Butler
Jay Bailly and Doreen Butler (95 years young)
The Pittsfield Public Schools District Attendance Committee
The Pittsfield Public Schools District Attendance Committee is looking for a few volunteers from the business community.  Bart Raser was contacted by Egremont Principal Judy Rush and the next meeting is 4/13 3:45pm at Mercer School Administration Building.  Please let Bart know if you are able to join this group
Vocational Technical Training Group Hosts Needed
Gail Molari is still recruiting hosts for the Vocational Technical Training Group coming to Pittsfield from May 1 through May 8.  The group will be comprised of five pre-school teachers from Union Of South Africa. Hosts are responsible for room and board and any incidentals that occur from the visit, excluding personal necessities/items. Contact Gail if you have questions about hosting. 
New Member - Second Posting
Proposed New Member: Captain Elliot Higgins
Sponsor:  Ron Latham
Classification: Associations – Salvation Army
Former Rotarian in Athol/Orange MA from 2011 – 2013
Introduction Duties
05/19 Jim Scolforo
05/26 Joel Scussel
06/02 Brooks Sherman
06/09 Tom Sherman
06/16 Christine Singer
06/23 Sally Unlauf
If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Invocation Duties
05/19 Shaun Heimann
05/26 Mike Hinkley
06/02 John Hudnall
06/09 Chris Jacoby
06/16 Randy Johnson
06/23 Randy Kinnas
Please remember to use a non-denominational prayer - be respectful of others' beliefs. If you will not be at the meeting, please notify Joel Scussel ( who your replacement will be in advance.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

This week we celebrate the birthdays of Jay Bailly (5/21) and Dave Cianflone (5/21); and the Club anniversary of Phil Massery (15 years a/o 5/17/01).